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Schools have a duty to provide a secure environment and safe access to online technology as part of the teaching and learning experience. The eSafety Label aims to assist your school in meeting this challenge to become a more secure, enriching environment for staff and pupils. Good online experiences go hand-in-hand with a solid School Policy and a well thought-out eSafety Action Plan.

The eSafety Label offers you an Assessment Form covering the broad range of actors who can impact, within and beyond the school walls, the level of eSafety of your institution. Based on a school's results an Action Plan is drawn up, to increase the level of eSafety, which might lead the way towards eSafety Label Accreditation, when the necessary changes have been made.

Assess with Assessment Form    Improve with personalised Action Plan Become a certified eSafety School

Sample questions
Are all of your school computers virus-protected? 
Is there one single person responsible ICT usage and online access in your school?
Does your School Policy contain a section on the taking of photographs of, and by, pupils?