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 The eSafety Label for Ministries of Education & National Centres

The eSafety Label provides insight on eSafety standards in schools across Europe and beyond. As a partner in this project we will share with you aggregated anonymous data from school based on submitted Assessment Forms, and good practice, resources and policy documents to help you promote responsible use of online technology by pupils and staff. Such data fosters a better understanding of emerging practices and more specifically of areas that could benefit from more investment in schools. It highlights strengths and weaknesses in implementation and training strategies and offers a region- and/or nationwide overview of current infrastructure, policy and practice. The Incident Handling form provides a means of gathering information from schools on incidents they have encountered, and how these incidents have been handled. Through the information coming in from schools on this template, we are progressively building a knowledge base on successful practice that the eSafety Label portal makes available to members to support them in deepening their understanding of real needs, hence resulting in more informed decision-making.
If you are interested in joining and promoting the eSafety Label initiative, please contact If the Label has not yet been localised for your country/language, we could work with you to implement your national version. Localisation, when needed, typically takes around 2 months, including time for piloting to ensure quality and user-friendliness. It will then be up to you to market the eSafety Label project to schools, using marketing material that has been prepared at the European Level for easy localisation. 
Schools apply for eSafety accreditation by completing an online Assessment Form. They will then receive a customised Action Plan that will set them off on an 18-month journey. National organisers are invited to carry out random audits in schools from time to time as a means of ensuring that the Label is recognised as a valuable, trustworthy hallmark of high eSafety standards in schools.
The eSafety Label – an opportunity for Industry
Are you providing solutions to eSafety challenges – be it hardware, software, training or other? 
Do you believe eSafety is important and would like to help promote it?
Please contact to discuss collaboration opportunities with the eSafety Label team.