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Digital Dialogue in Schools


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“Digital Dialogue in Schools” provides ideas on how teachers, educators and school principals in collaboration with students and parents actively define their school's values and culture in the digital area. The objective of the resource is to help schools to engage in a dialogue on digital rights, digital well-being and the school’s values in relation to children’s and adults' use of online media. The resource outlines some methods to involve the school principal; the school board; parents; students; teachers and educators in the dialogue process both in individual groups and across groups.A digital dialogue is part of a process to decide guidelines and to make a policy on web-culture and digital well-being in school. Individually, the schools have to identify the needs of digital competences both for teachers, educators and students. Does the school need an updated policy on bullying that also includes cyber-bullying? And does the school have the required knowledge on legislation on digital affairs? These are just some of the questions to discuss, and to begin the debate, the school can use the dilemma cards from the material. The work process opens to different web activities like gaming; teachers teaching students and students teaching teachers, and these activities could form a feature day for the school for instance in relation to celebrating SID. “Digital Dialogue in Schools” provides the schools with ideas and links to different activities on digital rights and digital well-being.

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