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Sex in the Media


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The role of media in society has grown continuously, and the media has become a natural part of everyday life. This applies not only to the specific forms of media. The importance of media contents has grown, and a new environment of visual culture has emerged. It’s important to take notice of the surrounding culture: what is it like, and what are its components? Media offers a lot and can be used as support for educating. Media education is after all education in media culture. Sexual content in media is in today’s culture more open and accessible. It interests adolescents, but also causes misgivings. The purpose of this material is to support media literacy by providing tools for analytical examination of sexual contents. The starting point is that members of the media society are active interpreters of media, not just passive recipients. A media literate person is able to take a more critical approach to the images presented in media, and can be active within media culture. The material Sex in the Media is aimed at professionals working together with adolescents in the eight grade or older. The material is especially intended for first language and literature studies, but can be utilized in other subjects or within youth work. The material consists of information, questions for discussions and assignments, and it covers three separate topics: sexual content in commercial media, gender depictions, and pornography as sex education. The material is intended to be used together with the video Sex in the Media. Video: and sexual content are sensitive subjects for many, including adults, and media interpretations are very individual. An adult should allow adolescents to reflect on this subject, and show respect for their thoughts. This is why the opinions presented in the Sex in the Media video, and the quotations included in this material, are entirely based on actual opinions of teenagers. A teacher knows his/her students, and can use the material in a way that suits the entire group. Depending on the teacher’s decision, the subject can be dealt with in different ways: with the entire class, in smaller groups or individually.

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