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Award Winning Movie "To Pantopoleion"


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safety Internet
privacy, electronic, fraud, inappropriate, websites, pedophilia, critical, thinking
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Insafe Network, Europe
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This film presents the Internet metaphorically as a traditional goods store, highlighting the risks, which online behavior without critical thinking, ethics, and safety may bring. More analytically the story: The movie setting is a traditional, neighborhood goods store, where the agile and always smiling seller is eagerly satisfying every wish of her customers: a man around 45 "requesting" the photos of his neighbor, a woman asking for a... car, a sassy teenager wanting his favorite kind of… educational movies, a man determined to order… company, a young and beautiful girl looking for... friends.The extremely polite seller is ready to satisfy any absurd demand, of course with a view to profit. After all, this is no ordinary goods store. But, how safe is it in the end such a store, where EVERYTHING is uncontrollably and abundantly offered without any restrictions...?The movie displays in a metaphoric way what can happen on the Internet, a place, where everybody and everything can be found. In this respect, it highlights in a most entertaining way how important it is to safeguard our personal data, to be careful with online bargains (online fraud), to take measures for minors not to get in contact with inappropriate (pornographic) content, and to use our critical thinking for the online information (informing also about the issue of pro-ana sites). It also tackles the major issue of child pornography and pedophilia.The movie won the "London Greek Film Festival 2013" award for best short movie.

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