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Life Online


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Online, safety, media, education, gaming, cyberbullying, privacy
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7 - 13
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lesson plan video
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Insafe Network, Europe
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Three videos and a teacher's manual in three languages. One video for 7 to 8 year-olds, one for 9 to 10 year-olds and one for 11 to 13 year-olds. One video lasts about 6 minutes and it is formed of 4-5 clips. In between the clips, the trainer/teacher talks with the classroom about what they just saw. Trainer’s manual of 30 pages is provided for trainers / teachers.All stories link to children’s lives in general and have humour in them. Themes of the videos rise from recent research and feedback from online safety trainers. The stories’ contents relate to media use of different age groups in general:- 7-8 yrs: Online gaming- 9-10 yrs: First steps in social networks, passwords, cyberbullying- 11-13 yrs: Privacy settings, meeting an online friend

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