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Feelings barometer


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Cyberbullying, Feelings, Trust, Bullying
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6 - 14
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Cyber bullying is a growing problem in the online world. But bullying is not a special phenomenon of the digital age. It already existed before internet and mobile networks became a channel for such kind of offending behaviour. Although the dimensions of cyber bullying have changed with the internet, the problem itself stays a social one. An effective way to fight against cyber bullying is to teach people on emotional level and make them understand what it means to become a victim and to foster empathy. This is the approach of the game. The result is always astonishing and leads to discussions about the different feelings different people have. It will make the participants understand that everyone is different and has other feelings and perceptions of situations. This understanding is the basis to act in a more empathic way and to think twice before publishing online.

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