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Children in the Web


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Prevention book for the teachers and parents called “Children in the Web” is describing risks and prevention information for beginners and also experienced experts, explaining basic terms with the stress on risks, instructions to parents on protection of the children and teens in virtual space.Main goal of the tool is to increase awareness on risks and their prevention. The book has become the source of knowledge for the prevention describing the risk and its demonstration, explanation of terms. It includes the instructions for parents and teachers, how to protect children and how to talk about the topic and also includes the hints for children and teens. It represents the key source of information for teachers and parents and has become high quality tool for classes as it is the only school book referring to the topic “virtual space” in Slovakia. The book is now used independently and widely in the classrooms and children´s home as well with ambition to become the official class book within Slovak Curriculum.This book was developed as part of the EU project (in English “”), which focuses on raising public awareness about safe and responsible use of the Internet and mobile phones, on the risks of cyberspace and how to obtain advice and assistance. The publication was financially supported by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic through the Slovak Youth Institute IUVENTA and the company Slovak Telekom, who has dealt long term with protection of children on the internet and when using mobile phones.The Book is intended to be used by Teachers and Children within the Classes and also by Parents at Home.

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