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Wahr oder falsch im Internet? Informationskompetenz in der digitalen Welt


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safety Internet
information, literacy, media, literacy
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6 - 18
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guide lesson plan
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Insafe Network, Europe
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This teacher’s handbook focuses on the topic of usage and verification of internet based sources, such as text, images, … It is a handbook for teachers of all age groups. It offers a short overview over each topic and a classroom activity in each field. Covered topics:•How to use search engines efficiently•How to validate sources from the Internet•How to use Wikipedia•How to find experts on the Internet•How to detect hoaxes on the Internet•How to detect photoshoped images and pictures•How to detect advertising •How to detect false identities on the Internet•How to detect Internet fraudThis handbook for teachers is offered in German language, one classroom activity is in English language.

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