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SAFT - Samfelag, fjolskylda og taekni

Cyber Town is loosely based on Reykjavik, home to “Embla The Cyber Dog” and her family “The Kjaernesteds”. Much like Reykjavik, Cyber Town is a dynamic and technologically advanced place to live. Nearly everybody who lives in Cyber Town is interconnected both professionally and socially through cyberspace. Whilst the benefits of living in Cyber Town are significant, everyone who lives there understands that their personal Cyber Hygiene must be excellent, as sadly not everyone in cyberspace has good intentions. Cyber Hygiene is a concept that relates to the personal steps an individual must take to be safe in cyberspace. As a student of Cyber Town, together with Embla and her family, you will navigate through 6 story based courses. Students have been clustered into 6 age groups ranging from 5-20. Each course introduces the student to the key issues pertinent to their ageResearch and Development - Through our partnerships we were able to base the development of the courses upon cutting edge research of the thematic’s of cyber security. Our research programme included extensive analysis of other governmental, charity and private sector course materials from across the globe. We also reached out to teachers, parents and children as part of our testing and piloting phase of the development programme. This information collective informed our judgement on what should, and what should not be included within each of the courses.Our teaching method - Our method engages the minds of children and provides them with learning that changes their internet habits - making them safer and more confident in cyberspace.Each of the 6 courses are story based. The student takes on the part of a passive observer as an adventure unfolds before their very eyes. The courses are delivered using “Prezi” which allows them to be navigated with great simplicity – much like flicking through the pages of a story book. The first two courses, for children 5-9, contain a professionally recorded narrative sound track. The first of the two courses, which features “Embla the Cyber Dog” as the star, also contains a sing-along-song. Putting children first with teachers, parents and responsible guardians in mind - We understand the daily challenges that teachers and parents are confronted with in introducing new materials into learning. The courses have therefore been designed with this thought at the forefront of our approach. Putting children first, we provide facilitators of the course with the opportunity to develop and explore the subject freely, in a way that best suits their students - whilst wrapping our courses around the existing syllabus. We use daily life dilemmas drawing comparisons to pre-existing security knowledge to make the learning personalised. Our courses allow the facilitors, whether they are teachers, parents or responsible guardians, to build their knowledge in harmony with the student - also building a positive and constructive relationship about issues pertaining to e-safety. Such a relationship will mean that the child is more likely to approach their trusted adults when they need advice or help.

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