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Textbook for children “Vaifijs School”


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safety Internet
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5 - 7
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Insafe Network, Europe
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Latvian Internet Association
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The textbook is aimed to teach children aged 5 to 7 the safe use of internet, online risks and safety rules. Children get to know internet facilities together with a girl Lelde and a boy Vaifijs (WiFi in Latvian used to name the boy). They read a story which is told in a form of a comic. Vaifijs lives inside of computer and mobile phone. He meets Lelde and helps her to discover online world and avoid risks they could face when starting to use modern devices.The book starts with a celebration of birthday of a young girl Lelde. Her parents give her a present – a computer. She is very excited and gets surprised when turns on her computer and meets Vaifijs who starts talking with her. Vaifijs is a very friendly boy and together with Lelde they learn to watch videos, write an email, get to know social networking sites, play educational games, learn the positive things of online world. Vaifijs gives advises to be watchful when giving out personal information and communicating with strangers online. He is also explaining other risks children can face when being online and he reminds the main safety rules children must keep in mind.

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