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Test "What internet user are you ?"


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safety Internet
copyright, cyberbullying, data, protection, digital, footprints, file, sharing, inappropriate, content, online, chat, online, dating, online, gaming, online, hate, online, reputation, privacy, and, personal, information, safe, searching, social, media, and, networking
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7 - 12
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educational game other
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Insafe Network, Europe
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Tralalere (Internet Sans Crainte)
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Through this little test, children can become conscious of their use of the Internet and know if they have responsible reflex : the test recommand them at the end one or numerous categories of the" Vinz and Lou on the Internet" cartoons that could be useful to them. If they seem to be too much confident about what they might find on the Internet the test recommands them to look at the videos of the "I search, I keep my eyes open" section, if they seem not to be cautious enough about the information they give about themselves online the test incites them to watch the "I keep my private life private" cartoons, etc.

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