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Abused Emojis


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self, harm, content, cybercrime, cyberbullying, mobile, phones, and, mobile, devices
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Older than 6 years old.
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Insafe Network, Europe
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Swedish Media Council
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"Abused Emojis" is an app designed for iPhone and iPad and Android, which depicts children in situations where they are exposed to violence or been badly treated and experiencing difficult emotions and thoughts.For many children it can be difficult to express themselves around the heavy emotion and complex experiences. Emojis is a natural way for children and young people to communicate, and it is important to show that everything is going to talk about, even the difficult. These emojis are created to make it easier for young people to make contact with both peers and adults in their environment and talk about how they have it. "Abused Emojis" is a way to shows that many children live with tough problems in everyday life, to highlight children's rights and to spread the message that it is good to talk about difficult things. The range of happy emojis have broadened and time has become ripe for a larger emotional register.

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