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I Super Errori


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safety Internet
cyberbullying, inappropriate, content, mobile, phones, and, mobile, devices, online, addiction, online, reputation, privacy, and, personal, information, sexting, social, media, and, networking
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6 - 18
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Insafe Network, Europe
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This resource is composed by seven 10'' mini videos and one 30" trailer diffused during the SIC's Communication Campaign "I Super Errori" - "The Super Mistakes". Each of the seven 10" videos, in an ironic manner, gives an overview of the adventure of seven "Super -Heroes" (taken from famous caracters: The Incredible URL, The visible girl, Chat Woman, the Tag man, … ) showing the "Super-Mistake" you can make online if you don't pay attention and if you don't know the simple rules that can help you to use internet safely and become a "Web Super-Hero". The final 30" trailer explains the message of the seven videos that have been diffused before and separatly trough the social media.

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