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Campaign Safe passwords


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safety Internet
privacy, and, personal, information, cyberbullying
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8 - 11
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assessment educational game lesson plan open activity tool website
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Insafe Network, Europe
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In collaboration with our project parnert and cybersecurity expert,, we developed a educational tool for teachers (or other education professionals) to work on the topic of privacy and personal information. According to recent European studies, children are using the internet and owing smartphones at a younger age, already from their 8 years old. The average age when children use the Internet in Belgium is 7,6 and owing a smartphone is 9,2. That is why we decided to focus our target group on 8 -11 years old.On our website and prevention portal,, We developed a password test with 5 questions regarding the lenght of their password, the privacy etc. They can compare their result with classmates. In addition, if the want to create a stronger password or if they don’t have an idea for a password, they can use our (online) drawing tool to come up with a « pass-phrase ». They can draw a situation and base a phrase on that so they can keep that drawing as a reminder. For instance, « Iarriveatschoolat9ameveryday. », would be a suggestion.In addition, teachers can download our psoter with the most important tips to hang up in the classroom and discuss what are the DOs and DON’TS when dealign with passwords. We want them to remember that the longer a password, the safer and do not share your password with friends.Tool is available in French and Dutch.

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