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Interactive Theatrical Sheeplive Performance


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8 - 11
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role play
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Insafe Network, Europe
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The Slovak Safer Internet Centre (SK SIC) is delivering a unique Interactive Theatrical Sheeplive Performance taking place in Urban Theatres with the Capacity from 300 to 500 Children/Youth. The overall length of one performance is around 75 Minutes. Performances are built on the Sheeplive cartoons, in particular Safer Internet (modern technologies) issues and also a role-play called “One question and two answers”. Questions have been prepared for each Sheeplive fairy-tale and initially children have to answer these before they watch the episode, drawing on general knowledge or by discussing them with their parents and friends. After watching the performance, children are asked the questions again but usually respond with very different answers. An example of a question is shown below.Issue: Social DiscriminationQuestions to be asked prior watching the Sheeplive episode Which phone is better, classic button or with a touch screen?(Expected answer : touch screen)Which phone is better Nokia or iPhone?(Expected answer: the iPhone)Who is a better friend, one who has a Nokia with buttons or one with the touch screen iPhone?(Expected answer : one with the touch screen iPhone) Questions to be asked after watching the Sheeplive EpisodeWho is a better Friend, one who has a Nokia with buttons or one with the touch screen iPhone? (Expected answer: it doesn’t matter what phone my friend has)

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