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Online Safety Rules Chatterbox


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5 - 15
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educational game
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Insafe Network, Europe
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Chatterbox is a traditional origami game, quite popular among children in Serbia. Instructions for how to fold the chatterbox are printed on the back side of chatterbox paper. When folded properly, thumbs and index fingers are inserted into the origami game from underneath. Child is asked to pick a number, and the child holding the origami game counts and alternates having his/her 2 index fingers together and his/her index finger and thumb of each hand pinched together, so that the origami chatterbox is opening and closing like a chirping bird’s beak. When the counting is over, an Internet safety rule with the selected number is shown inside; the rule is then read aloud, and it is then the other’s child turn to pick some other number. The outer side of the chatterbox is blank for children to decorate themselves. Chatterbox papers with Internet safety rules were handed out to children in schools after the awareness raising activities, and children played it among themselves and with their parents and teachers.

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