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In order to involve minors in the safe and responsible use of these devices, PROTEGELES, Fundacion SmileStone and the Regional Government of Madrid have launched THE PHONBIES campaign in the whole of Spain (contraction of the words PHONE and ZOMBIE). This campaign proposes self-regulation to minors in order to avoid the excessive use of mobile devices. Leaving aside parental messages, and with the use of humour, this campaign uses the language of popular films, TV series and video games which have to do with zombies.The film-like advertisement which is being shown on TV channels, in metro stations in Madrid and over the Internet, warns minors about the arrival of a new “virus”. This “disease” can make them separate and isolate themselves from others and become carriers of the virus. It looks like a trailer for a horror film, but teenagers get the ironic and comical message very well. It is very important to understand the language and the context to get the message outside of Spain.The website: offers minors and adults all the information and a test to assess their level of “phonbification” (developed by expert psychologists on addictions). It offers guidelines to address the issue and highlights people’s capabilities to help others in the same situation. The campaign also includes specific preventive actions, such as conferences in educational centres and a contest of short films made with mobile phones. The winner of the contest will show his/her short film in the International Mobile Film Festival (Movilfest).

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