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Mediakartan tuntijat


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4 - 18
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Emotions have a huge role in the media culture. We laugh, inspire, get bored or angry while using different tools and contents of media. Messages sent through media have usually a certain aim or goal, but how we interpreted the message varies depending on the recipient. A media literate person recognizes different kind of influence mechanisms in media and also understands their meaning in his or her own actions. With small children you can start to acquire these skills by discussing emotions with playfull tasks and exercises. Material "Mediakartan tuntijat" includes info texts, activity plan and exercises about media and emotions for children from different age groups. The material recognizes and values the childrens' own media culture and experiences. Aim is to develop their media literacy and interaction skills as well as to learn to recognize what kind of emotions media evokes and what are the mechanisms behind. T The material includes a guide for teacher or other professional, poster and additional pictures related to tasks. Materials for three different age groups: children under 8 years, children 8-12 years, children and young people over 12 years.

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