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Young Children and Screen Time - a Good Start


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digital, literacy, media, literacy, parental, control, tools, positive, content
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1 - 6
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guide text
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Insafe Network, Europe
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Norwegian Media Authority (Norwegian Awareness Centre) 
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Studies indicate that the age for using digital media is going down. Simultaneously, the need for knowledge, advice and guidance on how to raise "digital toddlers" increase. This Resource provides parents of Young children (target Group is children yet to start School, below the age of six) With the knowledge and advice they need to get of to a good start in helping their children to become aware users of digital Technology. The resource consists of two posters, a short guide/folder and a complete guideline. The first poster is titled “A good start” and provides information about young children and use of digital media. The second poster is titled “Did you know that...” – and provides advice concerning these issues. The folder and Complete guideline are similar, but the folder presents itself as a summary of what you can find in the Complete guideline. Throughout spring 2016 the guideline will also be published in English and Sami language.

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