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The project is following-up the project while focusing on youth target group. The project basis is a comics series, where each of the comics is devoted to specific SK SIC priority topic. Why static image format? It takes hours to read the book, tens of minutes to watch the movie while to look at the picture, comics, takes just tens of seconds. This way we adapt to fast lives of today’s teenagers on one hand and at the same to the rapid spread of information throughout social networks and media on another hand. Dissemination channels of the project will be website and dedicated Instagram account. Target group of 12 aged teens is the generation that grew up after dramatic socio-economic changes in early 90s in Slovakia, when social groups and social gaps somehow got stabilized. Since that period, the young generation stands in the shadow of its successful or unsuccessful parents looking for his ideals, goals and purpose in life. We realize that it is extremely difficult to reach this target group. We do intend to approach also the youths without life goals and ambitions, originate from worse family or social environment, don´t have excellent schools achievements.

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