Suggestions for online safety training courses

Training on online safety

Research has found that one of the key areas of esafety which is lacking in many schools is that of staff training and awareness (source: The safe use of new technologies – Ofsted 2010 and 360 degree safe self review tool). Schools need to ensure that staff are regularly updated so that they are aware of eSafety issues which are likely to affect them and their pupils.


General principles of eSafety training:

  • eSafety covers a wide range of issues and should not be seen in isolation.
  • All staff need to have some training around eSafety so at the very least they are able to signpost pupils to further support and guidance.
  • Staff should be updated at least once a year to take account of changes in young people’s habits and the technology and applications that they are using.
  • It may be helpful to audit the training needs of staff at the school in order to accurately target in service training.
  • A school may wish to consider whether it would be useful to have a designated person with responsibility for the coordination of eSafety, however it should be made clear that eSafety is the responsibility of every member of staff.