eSafety Label + multiplier Event in Patras, Greece


On 21 May 2019, The Computer Technology Institute (CTI) and Press "Diophantus", the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (UoA) and the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Western Greece co-organized an eSafety Label+ Greek national multiplier event in Patras (Greece). Computer science teachers, primary education teachers, head-teachers, school advisors and other stakeholders were the main audience of the event.

Thomas Zarouchas (CTI), coordinator of the event; Dimitrios Koletsos, representative of Patras Port Authority; Konstantinos Giannopoulos, Director of the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Western Greece; and Michael Paraskevas (CTI), eSafety Label+ Project Manager, opened the event with various welcome notes. Thomas Zarouchas also gave an overview of the progress of the eSafety Label+ project, highlighting its next milestones (i.e., MOOC, manifesto and final conference).

Aris Louvris, the Greek National Coordinator of the eSafety Label, presented the initiative and the process schools have to follow in order to gain accreditation. Then, Petros Roussos and George Kormas outlined the key findings of the research report “Mapping online safety needs and priorities in education”. This presentation triggered a fruitful discussion and an inspiring Q/A session between the panel and the attendees.

Inspiring discussions during the coffee breakDuring the coffee break participants and members of the eSafety Label+ team had the chance to further discuss various eSafety challenges and exchange thoughts and experiences.

The final sessions was dedicated to the ambassador scheme established by the eSafety Label+ project. Thomas Zarouchas introduced the scheme and the eSafety Champion materials (online safety resources for teachers) created by the Greek Ambassadors. He highlighted that these resources are created by teachers for teachers and that they are available on the eSafety Label portal.

Furthermore, two members of the Greek Ambassador team, George Papanastasiou and Athanasios Katsaros, explained their work and the experience and knowledge they have gained participating in this nine-month training programme and the project in general. The Greek Ambassadors highlighted the 3-day face-to-face training course that took place in Brussels in October 2018 at the Future Classroom Lab (FCL) of European Schoolnet. Both mentioned that the FCL is an inspirational place, providing added value to a wide range of educational activities.

Participants contributing to inspiring Q/A sessions The audience, composed of more than 50 participants, engaged in fruitful discussions with the presenters along the different sessions of the event, sharing and exchanging experiences and thoughts and further elaborating on various topics regarding online safety challenges in the school environment. Moreover, participants received printed copies of the booklet providing policy tips on various eSafety issues complemented with a set of posters that can be used in various educational activities, which was developed by the Greek ambassadors as part of the eSafety Champion materials.

In addition, hard copies of the research report “Mapping online safety needs and priorities in education” were distributed at the event too.

For further information about the event, you can watch the video below (in Greek) which contains interviews with the presenters and members of the eSafety Label+ project team.

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