eSafety Label+ Advisory Board: a group of online safety experts to guide the project


The eSafety Label+ project has set up an Advisory Board to function as a reflective soundboard for the eSafety Label+ project and the eSafety Label initiative as a whole. This group composed of Ministry of Education (MoE), academia and industry representatives, teachers and other public and private experts, will help to prioritise needs and establish a forum for discussion around online safety approaches as part of the school curriculum. Moreover, it will provide input and feedback to tools and educational materials developed under the project, while raising further awareness and exchange of expertise on the topic at European Union level.

The Advisory Board is a key element to ensure the quality of the eSafety Label+ project because it brings to the table a wide range of expert views on issues such as education policies and practices or the role that the eSafety Label initiative can play in supporting schools and teachers in the digital age. Looking at the future, it is a source of ideas and opportunities to ensure the sustainability of the project”, stated Sabrina Vorbau, eSafety Label project manager.

In summary, the Advisory Board aims:

  • - To discuss strategic approach to address online safety in national policies with a particular view on national school curricular.
  • - To give a steer to the eSafety Label roadmap, discussing key project milestones, such as the eSL+ manifesto (a public friendly report which will summarize key findings and lessons learned through the evolution of the project and also provide recommendations for stakeholders and policy makers) and a final conference, which will take place on 20 November 2019 in Brussels.
  • - To provide a platform for exchange between different stakeholders in the field, identifying best practices to share and challenges to overcome.
  • - To explore synergies and how to move forward.


A multidisciplinary group

The Advisory Board is composed of a variety of stakeholders, which ensures a broad range of perspectives and inputs. Namely, it comprises the following members:

  • - Anastasia Economou (Cyprus Pedagogical Institute)           
  • - Athanasios Katsaros (Computer Science Teacher / 2nd Lower Secondary School Galatsi – Athens)
  • - Charo Sadaba (Universidad de Navarra)
  • - Elizabeth Brodsky (Liberty Global)
  • - George Samiotakis (Children's Psychiatric Clinic of Heraklion University Hospital)
  • - Jan de Craemer (Ministry of Education Belgium-Flanders)
  • - Jiří Průša (CZ.NIC)
  • - Petr Naske (Digi Coalition CZ)
  • - Boglárka Tóth (Educational Authority, Hungary)

The first meeting of the Advisory Board took place in May 2019. Participants had a fruitful discussion about the new eSafety Label portal, various project milestones and different ways to support the project. A second online meeting will take place in autumn 2019.

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