New eSafety Label+ project to train the next eSafety Champions


There's more to the launch of the new eSafety Label portal than just a pretty new platform for the eSafety Label initiative. We are delighted to introduce to you the eSafety Label+ project. Read further to learn what it is all about.


What is it?

The ‘eSafety Label+: Become the next eSafety Champion’ is a 28 month long Erasmus+ project aiming to mobilise and foster the exchange of knowledge and best practices among a wide community of European teachers and other school actors to better equip schools for a safe and responsible digital future.

What will it achieve?

Selected from a set of Gold or Silver Label schools from Greece, Portugal and the Czech Rep., our eSafety Label Ambassadors are currently enrolled in an ambassadors’ scheme. The aim of this scheme is to empower them to become certified eSafety Champions, by developing ownership and leadership skills which will enable them to promote better, safer and more positive use of ICT in schools. The Ambassador scheme will result in a series of new, ready-to-use training and learning materials produced for their peers, aiming to inspire and engage teachers and pupils alike on online safety discussions.

What should I look out for?

Apart from the learning and teaching materials produced by the eSafety Champions, the project will result in various "intellectual outputs":

1. The first result of this project is a research report among European teachers, concerning online safety needs and priorities in education, namely strengths and weaknesses of online safety in schools

2. The second output of the eSafety Label+ project is this very site - our aim for this revamp was to improve not only its look but also its usability, certain tools and to rethink the entire Community, in order to get more teachers on board the initiative!

3. The third output of this Erasmus+ project concerns the teaching materials produced by the eSafety Champions which will, in the long run, spread best practices across their schools and communities

4. The eSafety Label+ MOOC will be an online course, available on the European Schoolnet Academy which will enable a wider dissemination of the eSafety Champions' learning materials, reaching an even wider audience

5. the eSafety Label+ Manifesto will be a public-friendly report that will provide recommendations for policy makers and practitioners on how to equip schools for a safe and responsible digital future, including feedback and hands-on practices from the eSafety Champions

Want to find out more about the project? Check out the new area on the portal dedicated entirely to the eSafety Label+ project. Curious to meet our future eSafety Champions? You can ask them questions and interact with them in the Forum area dedicated to eSafety Label+ Ambassadors.

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