Our Ambassadors become eSafety Label + Champions


In case you’ve missed it, one month ago the eSafety Label + Ambassadors became Champions thanks to the three-day training which was organized in Brussels in the Future Classroom Lab at European Schoolnet.

The course was a great success not only thanks to the manifold activities and workshops but also to the fantastic contributions of each and every of the 16 participants.

Below, we compiled some of their impressions about their experience in Brussels!

For Athanasios Katsaros, member of the Greek Ambassadors Team, the course was

“A multilateral experience mixing the human factor, an innovative educational environment, information on online safety practices, policies, infrastructure, upcoming issues and resource sharing.”

For Eleftheria Karagiorgou, Greek eSafety Labe + Ambassador,

One of the best activities [took place] during the first day of the training, [namely] the ice-breaking activity, [where we were] separated into teams of different nationalities [and asked to] develop an e-safety activity for students. [My team] developed a theatrical role play, an activity with continuous brainstorming that we enjoyed a lot and it was for sure ice-breaking! I hope that all our learnings and experiences will be shared with our fellow teachers, but most importantly with our students, who are the primordial and vital reason why we took part in this training!”

George Papanastasiou, their colleague,

“had a wonderful time with [his] colleagues from countries all over Europe.” He declared that this “made me realise that we all have similar concerns about the work we are doing in education in relation to our practice, the infrastructure and the policies that are being pursued in [various] countries of Europe.”

Stella Tryfonidou, Greek Ambassador took some inspiration for reorganizing the lab in her school back home, in Greece:

“The Future Classroom Lab is an inspirational learning space which gave me some good ideas how to reorganize the PC Lab in my school in order to support new teaching methods. The most important [part of this training] was that we, Ambassadors, had the chance to meet in person, after months of on-line collaboration and webinars we had. We shared experiences and ideas.”

For Giorgos Errikos Hlapanis,

“the most positive aspect of the training course was the opportunity it gave us to meet with peers from the other countries who are participating in the project, to discuss with them about mutual interests and share and exchange experiences. All in all, this training course was a very interesting and useful experience. “

Take a look below for some of the highlights of the course on social media!

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