eSafety Champions

eSafety Label+: Become the next eSafety Champion

eSafety Label+ logoeSafety Label+: Become the next eSafety Champion’ is an Erasmus+ project aiming to mobilise and foster the exchange of knowledge and best practices among a wide community of European teachers and other school actors to better equip schools for a safe and responsible digital future.

The eSafetyLabel + Champions have been busy this year, producing a broad range of resources (fact sheets, guidelines and best practice scenarios) on online safety aiming to inspire and engage teachers and pupils to have more discussions about online safety in their schools. The first out of three sets of materials is almost finalised and will be gradually be published on this page.  These learning materials foster the creation of an online safe school ecosystem, focusing on the three key areas of online safety (infrastructure, policy and practice). Materials will be available in English, Czech, Greek and Portuguese.

eSafety Champion Materials

1. Practice

Personal Data Protection

Personal Data Protection 2

Reliability of information on the web

Digital footprint

Cyberbullying Educational material 1 

Cyberbullying Educational material 2

Cyberbullying Educational material 3

Cyberbullying Educational material 4


Cyberbullying Educational material 5

Cyberbullying Educational material 6

Cyberbullying case study

Digital screen use



Cyber diseases

Dangerous challenges


2. Policy

Security policies for safer internet

Cyberbullying policy

Peddy Paper

Digital Safety Team - Students Project

Cyberbullying Prevention Policies


All eSafety Champion materials are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License.