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eSafety Label+: Become the next eSafety Champion

eSafety Label+ logoeSafety Label+: Become the next eSafety Champion’ is an Erasmus+ project aiming to mobilise and foster the exchange of knowledge and best practices among a wide community of European teachers and other school actors to better equip schools for a safe and responsible digital future.

Protection and use of sensitive data in schools

Language: English

There is a significant increase in the use of digital equipment in our schools. There is also additional access and digital information circulation. Therefore, it is very important to implement, in educational institutions, security policies that address the best practices of the data access and use. This presentation introduces some security and sensitive data access policies, and how they should be implemented in the school's ICT infrastructure.

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Language: Portuguese

Existe um aumento significativo no uso de equipamentos digitais nas escolas. Existe também um crescente acesso e circulação de informação digital. Assim, torna-se importante implementar, nas instituições de ensino, políticas de segurança que abordem as melhores práticas de utilização e acesso aos dados/informação. Este recurso apresenta algumas políticas de segurança e acesso a dados sensíveis, e como estas devem ser implementadas na infraestrutura de TIC da escola.

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