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eSafety Label+: Become the next eSafety Champion

eSafety Label+ logoeSafety Label+: Become the next eSafety Champion’ is an Erasmus+ project aiming to mobilise and foster the exchange of knowledge and best practices among a wide community of European teachers and other school actors to better equip schools for a safe and responsible digital future.

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Become the Next eSafety Champion MOOC

With its virtually limitless content and opportunities, the internet has become so popular, we now carry it in our pockets to everywhere we go. However, its popularity and wide reach also bring about risks along with it. In a world where education is increasingly reliant on technology and online tools, it is essential that schools provide an online environment where students and staff can make the most of the internet while staying as safe as possible.

The eSafety Label+ MOOC aims to support education professionals to create an online safety strategy tailored to their school’s needs in order to ensure their pupils learn and interact in a safer digital environment. How will this be achieved? Through an introduction to the concept of ‘eSafety strategy’ and a thorough analysis of the schools’ strengths and shortcomings. As a participant, you will reflect upon and be better prepared to make informed decisions about a safer technological infrastructure, school policies and practices for your students. Moreover, the eSafety strategy developed throughout this MOOC will pave the way for your school to receive an eSafety Label, the European online safety accreditation service for schools!

Learning objectives

With a view to creating your own personalised eSafety strategy, in this MOOC you will:

  • Reflect on the importance of appropriate eSafety policies in a school context,
  • Identify the eSafety risks and challenges your school and students may face,
  • Learn how to embrace a whole-school approach and encourage all relevant parties (teachers, parents, school managements, ICT professionals, and so on) to develop an eSafety strategy tailored to your school’s needs.
  • Learn to implement, monitor and assess your eSafety strategy.


This course is open to anyone interested in eSafety in a school context, but it is primarily designed for practising primary and secondary school teachers. Other stakeholders such as heads of schools, ICT teachers or parents may also benefit from this course.


  1. Module 1: How to build an eSafety strategy
  2. Module 2: Identifying eSafety challenges at your school
  3. Module 3: Start building your strategy
  4. Module 4: Implementing and monitoring your strategy


Each module includes some suggested learning activity that supports the design of an eSafety strategy to be submitted at the end of the course. The final learning activity consists of two mandatory elements: 1) submitting an eSafety strategy (as progressively defined during the course) and to peer-review 3 other participants' strategies. Both tasks are a pre-requisite in order to receive the Course Badge and the final Digital Certificate. During the first module of the MOOC, the participants will be provided with guidelines to develop their eSafety strategy and an eSafety strategy template including all the relevant sections required for the final strategy submission.

The final deadline to complete all activities is 27 November 2019, 23:59 CET.

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