Sprememba pogojev uporabe in politike zasebnosti

Spoštovani uporabniki obveščamo vas, da so se pogoji in politika zasebnosti portala Značka e-varna šola spremenili z julijem 2018. Prosimo, da jih preberete, preden nadaljujete z uporabo portala.

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Dobrodošli na portalu Značka e-varna šola! Raziščite idejo Značke e-varna šola, spoznajte, kaj je spletna varnost, prebrskajte po naših zadnjih novicah in preberite, kaj drugi srečni uporabniki Značke e-varna šola pravijo o nas. Čas je, da se nam pridružite!

Kliknite tukaj, če se želite pridružiti Znački e-varna šola, kjer boste izvedeli več o postopku prijave in samoocenjevanja.

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Kaj je spletna varnost?

Kaj je spletna varnost? Preden nadaljujete z Značko e-varna šola, pridobite več informacij! Ali vaša šola učencem in zaposlenim zagotavlja varno uporabo interneta? Kako razumemo pojem spletna varnost ter kako lahko Značka e-varna šola pomaga, da kar najbolje izkoristite sodobno tehnologijo in zmanjšate tveganja?

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Kaj je Značka e-varna šola? Namen Značke e-varna šola je pomagati šolam pri ocenjevanju njihovega pristopa do spletne varnosti, da bi zagotovili kar se da varno okolje za učence. Več podrobnosti o tem, kako deluje in zakaj je to pomembno za vašo šolo.

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Kaj pravijo o nas

testimonial picture

Jan de Craemer

We used to have a lot of one off activities: campaigns on this or that topic or threat; a lesson plan here and a toolbox there. What was lacking, however, was a sustainable framework where schools could actually develop a comprehensive policy on all the issues concerned. The eSafetyLabel offers precisely this and helps schools to pay attention to different aspects of online safety.

Jan de Craemer, eSafety Label National Coordinator

Flemish Ministry of Education and Training, Belgium

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Milan Hausner

To me, eSafety Label is a valuable tool to primarily prevent harmful activities on the internet and being an eSafety Label+ Ambassador gives me and my team a chance to promote this fantastic project together with the principles of security in its deeper aspects.

Milan Hausner, Principal and eSafety Label+ Ambassador

Municipality of Prague 3, Czech Republic

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Carla Soares

After all the hard work and my commitment to improving online safety in my school since 2014, becoming an eSafety Label+ Ambassador has so far been incredibly gratifying. What is more, I have access to a European team with whom I can share information, experiences and best practices.

Carla Soares, teacher and eSafety Label+ Ambassador

Colégio do Sagrado Coração de Maria, Portugal

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Georgios Errikos Hlapanis

With online threats becoming an ever increasing part of our lives, the eSafety Label and the protection it offers in terms of guidance, protocols, etc. has never been more relevant for today’s school ecosystems.

Georgios Errikos Hlapanis, eSafety Label+ Ambassador

Headteacher of the 2nd Lyceum of Kos, Greece

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Elsa Belo

Nowadays we need to prepare teens to perform in jobs which still don’t exist today, which means we also need to address issues which are still not tackled in the curriculum. I think this is where the eSafety Label comes and plays a crucial role in sharing best practices across Europe!

Elsa Belo, eSafety Label+ Partner

DGE, Portugal

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Charmaine Buttigieg

The best part of eSafety Label is that it can be a vehicle for children, to take their newly acquired skills and knowledge on online safety at home - therefore not only taking advantage of ICT tools to the fullest in perfect safety but perhaps even sharing these skills with their parents!

Charmaine Buttigieg, eSafety Label National Coordinator


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Thomas Zarouchas

The most inspiring aspect of my work with eSafety Label + Ambassadors was to see the teachers’ commitment to the eSafety Label concept and the kind of motivation I saw in their efforts to become involved even further by promoting it and actively contributing to it.

Thomas Zarouchas, eSafety Label+ partner

Computer Technology Institute and Press "Diophantus", Greece

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Zdeněk Záliš

eSafety Label+ is more than just a project about online safety for teachers, schools and pupils, it ultimately concerns parents as well!!

Zdeněk Záliš, eSafety Label and eSafety Label+ partner

Národní centrum bezpečnějšího internetu, z.s., Czech Rep.

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Sabrina Vorbau

Online safety plays an important role in today’s digital society, but with trends and issues changing as fast as they appear it is hard to keep up. The eSafety Label provides practical solutions to this challenge and helps schools to build their own eSafety eco-system.

Sabrina Vorbau, eSafety Label Project Coordinator

European Schoolnet, Belgium

testimonial picture

Marc Durando

The eSafety Label filled the gap in a largely nonexistent pan-European system of support for school staff to ensure that their pupils’ safety online. Today, thanks to our Community, teachers from across Europe and beyond can consult and share best practices with their peers, while at the same time receiving expert advice and guidance in terms of how their online safety policies, infrastructure and practice can be improved.

Marc Durando, Executive Director

European Schoolnet, Belgium

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