Thomas Zarouchas


The most inspiring aspect of my work with eSafety Label + Ambassadors was to see the teachers’ commitment to the eSafety Label concept and the kind of motivation I saw in their efforts to become involved even further by promoting it and actively contributing to it.

Thomas Zarouchas, eSafety Label+ partner

Computer Technology Institute and Press "Diophantus", Greece

Please introduce yourself and explain how and when you became involved with the eSafety Label world:
I am Thomas Zarouchas and I am currently working at the Computer Technology Institute and Press "Diophantus" in Patras, Greece. I was involved in the eSafety Label ecosystem when eSL+ was selected as two years project (receiving funding in the Erasmus+ programme - Call 2017) and since then I have been involved in its successful implementation.

What does the eSafety Label+ project bring extra to the already existing eSafety Label initiative?
The eSL+ project will transform the existing eSafety Label ecosystem into a vibrant community, motivating teachers, students and ICT coordinators through an ongoing exchange of best practices and innovative methods. If I had to explain and recommend the eSafety Label initiative to someone new, I would just present the eSafety Label accredited schools across Europe and mention how they have succeeded in establishing a safer online environment for both teachers and students. I think this can be motivating for everyone to participate and further promote the eSafety Label initiative.

As an eSL+ partner you have been working with eSL+ Ambassadors, could you share an anecdote or an inspiring moment you've shared with the teachers? Also, what does the future hold for eSafety Label in your opinion?
During the very first meeting with eSafety Label+ ambassadors, I realised that all of them were totally committed to the eSafety Label concept and that they were very happy to further involved to the realisation of the eSafety Label+ project. Somehow, this was inspiring to me since I discovered a great potential for a fruitful collaboration with them and hopefully expand the eSafety Label ecosystem. As for the future, I would like to see eSafety Label establish an attractive framework supporting students, teachers and school leaders to efficiently deal with increasingly complex school and classroom realities in the digital age. Ideally, eSafety Label initiative can serve as lighthouse or a leading actor in the European school community promoting safe and responsible use of technology.

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