Carla Soares


After all the hard work and my commitment to improving online safety in my school since 2014, becoming an eSafety Label+ Ambassador has so far been incredibly gratifying. What is more, I have access to a European team with whom I can share information, experiences and best practices.

Carla Soares, teacher and eSafety Label+ Ambassador

Colégio do Sagrado Coração de Maria, Portugal

Please introduce yourself and explain how and when you became involved with the eSafety Label world and tell us what has been the impact of the eSafety Label project in your work. How did you benefit from the eSafety Label initiative before becoming an eSafety Label+ Ambassador?
I am an IT teacher at a private school in Lisbon, where I teach to both primary and middle students aged between 5 and 12 years. I am one of the eSafety Label coordinators in my school. I became involved with the eSafety Label world in March 2014. It all started with the enrollment of our school in the eSafetyLabel platform." As far as the impact is concerned, it has been very positive, because of the visibility of the project to the educational community. The visibility of the project helped me to reinforce my position in school and has increased my responsibilities as well.

In your opinion, what does it mean to be an eSafety Label+ Ambassador and how do you benefit from your role (or how do you think you will benefit in the upcoming months)?
Becoming an eSafety Label+ Ambassador has been extremely gratifying, as I see it as an acknowledgement of the effort I've put in developing the online safety in my school during the past four years. One of the main benefits, in my opinion is to be a part of a European team as well as to be able to share information and best practices on the theme.

What was the biggest online safety challenge you had to face in your school and how did eSafety Label help you surpass it? Also, tell us what kind of future you foresee for eSafety Label. How will you be a part of that future?
The biggest challenge we have faced was the definition of the school policies. We had to involve all the educational community, the school board, the students and their parents. The way in which eSafety Label helped us was through the guidelines which enabled us to get a better certification. The big effort has been rewarded with the gold eSafety Label in May 2018, this was the cherry on top of the cake! The benefits for the schools make this a winning project. We will continue improving our infrastructure, policies, best practices and contribute with new content to the online community!

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